Economic General Knowledge 2017 Download-UPSC General Studies

 Economic General Knowledge 2017 Download-UPSC General Studies Paper-3

 Economic General Knowledge 2017 Download-UPSC General Studies Paper-3-Hello friends welcome to today here we are going to share information on the topic ECONOMIC GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 2017.In UPSC  General Studies Paper-3 is important part of exam.So for your ease we are sharing a pdf file on this topic you can download the pdf format of this topic.Economic General Knowledge 2017 DownloadECONOMIC GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 2017 DOWNLOAD

 Economic General Knowledge 2017 Download-UPSC General Studies Paper-3 ebook.

General Studies 3 Paper Syllabus

ECONOMY A lot of aspirants get scared on hearing the name of economics. It comes across as this strange subject for their CSAT preparation.

But there is nothing to worry.

Let me clarify right in the beginning that you do not need to have prior knowledge of economics to crack the questions based on it. You will understand concepts as you keep reading.

In fact economics might become your favorite subject from the syllabus.

To understand Indian Economy better, you need to have the right resources.

There are no better books than NCERTs that would build your fundamental understanding of the subject.

Read the following right at the onset of your preparation:

  1. Principles of Macroeconomics – Std XII
  2. Principles of Microeconomics – Std XII
  3. Indian Economic Development – Std XI
  • Having an understanding of certain important concepts of Microeconomics, e.g. Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, Elasticity of Demands etc would certainly go a long way towards building your basics.
  • Now you may take up any book that takes up the case of Indian Economy in detail.
  • Never Forget The Budget & Economic Survey of India
  • The Economic Survey of India is the finest and the most comprehensive document about the state of Indian Economy. It gives you the rationale behind every policy decision, comparative analyses, Important Welfare Schemes and the road map for the future of Indian Economy. Studying theEconomic Survey in detail in a must for CSAT preparation.
  • Read magazines like Economic Times or Business Standard especially the issues on the Union Budget.
  • Note down all important policy decisions of the Government of India.

Economic General Knowledge 2017 Download

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Economy General Studies ebook


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