Download Old NCERT Books PDF Free For IAS Exams

Download Old NCERT Books PDF Free For IAS Exams

Download Old NCERT Books PDF Free For IAS Exams:-Hello friends welcome to  .In this post we are providing you links to Download.Old ncert books are very important for UPSc exams basic concepts.

Old NCERT Books VS New NCERT Books:

It is essential to read old NCERT books for History as new edition is not as much clear as old NCERT books. You can read new edition too but old edition is mandatory. It does not mean that new edition is poor in quality rather old book is relevant to our topics.

If You Want Prepare For IAS Exam You Can Read Both New and Old Ncerts .

Download Old NCERT books PDF Free For IAS Exam -download old ncert books in hindi

Click on the link to download old NCERT books.

History:-Download History OLD Ncert for UPSC Prelims and Mains

1. [NCERT] Ancient India ( MAKkHAM-LAL)

2.[NCERT] Ancient India (R.S SHARMA)

3.[NCERT] Ancient India (ROMILA- THAPPAR)

4.[NCERT] Medieval India (ROMILA -THAPPAR)

5.[NCERT] Modern India (Bipan Chandra)

6.[NCERT] The Story of civilization Part I ( Arjun dev)

7.[NCERT] The story of Civilization Part II (Arjun Dev)


Download Old NCERT For UPSC (IAS) Prelims and Mains

  1. [NCERT] Economic and Commercial Geography of India X ( K T Merchant)
  2. [NCERT]  Principle basic of Geography XI (A.B. Mukherjee)
  3. [NCERT] Principles of Geography XI (M.H. Qureshi)

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